The Positive Side Effects of Homeopathy

I sometimes hear people talking about the side effects of medicines and it makes me feel happy that I have found homeopathy.  When we talk about side effects of the remedies we realise there are some great side effects which surprise people.

Because we address the person as a whole, the homeopathic remedies work as a catalyst helping the body reset it’s own self healing system. So when we use remedies to address particular issues, patients are often surprised at what else happens.

The first thing I find is that the body needs additional energy in order to change it’s usual response.  So the body has to produce some extra energy from somewhere.  I comment I often hear is “Well I seem to be sleeping much better right now” or “ My sleep is deeper and more refreshing”. 

Another side effect I hear is that the patient is able to begin exercising again.  This is a great sign because exercising produces the extra energy needed to do the healing.   It is a great side effect of homeopathic remedies.

For me, a great side effect after taking a remedy was that my guilt just disappeared.  Suddenly I realised that I no longer carried the weight of guilt on my shoulders.  I felt free to choose to live my life the way I wanted to.  I felt I was old enough and mature enough to make choices for myself and my family.  I was not tied to other people’s ideas of how I should live my life.

Other side effects that patients have been surprised at:

“My son has started trying lots of different foods”

“My daughter no longer needs a nap after school”

“My daughter is not as shy now with other children and come home from school much less anxious than before.”

“ I am sleeping and dreaming”

“My son has gone 3 weeks without wetting the bed”.

“I had forgotten about those pains I was having”

“After years of no periods I now have a regular cycle” “My hearing improved when I had my first remedy” “My period pain is sooooo much better now” We also hear a lot about aggravations from remedies …. read more about this here.

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Last Friday I took my son to dyslexia tutoring. What happened there blew my mind. There was mild and then growing and growing distraction that would have affected just about everyone. Toy tables were nearby, people were milling around and talking and one and then two people came and sat at his table and were talking and he stayed almost completely focused. It was insane to watch him do this.”

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