Your Homeopathic Prescription and Remedies

Your Prescription

After your consultation you will be emailed details of your remedies, how to take them, when to take them, where to buy them etc.

You will also be sent other non homeopathic suggestions if they are applicable for you.

You will be asked to send updates of changes and of any questions or worries that you have between consultations.  It is important to have a channel of communication open between consultations.

You will be sent the details of the follow up consultation. You will be sent an invoice for either this one consultation or for a package.

A homeopathic prescription

Your homeopathic prescription is the remedies that you will take over the next few weeks.   It might be just one or there maybe be supporting remedies to take as well.

Your Remedy Schedule

This will be the details of

  • when to take your remedy,
  • whether you will repeat your remedy
  • when to take supporting remedies
Purchasing Your Remedies

You will be sent details of where to purchase your remedies and in what form to buy them.

Storing Your Remedies

Store your remedies away from direct sunlight and away from essential oils.  Either may damage your remedies.

How to take your Remedies

Suck your remedies with a clean mouth …. strong flavours/odours may affect your remedy, mint is also known to have an effect on the remedy so try to take the remedies at least 20/30 minutes after cleaning teeth, drinking coffee etc.


You might be set homework to achieve over the next few days or weeks.  This might be something you have agreed you would like to achieve as you begin making changes.  It might be extra reading or researching.  It might be to allocate some time in your daily routine for something that will help you on the road to health.


You will be able to click on the invoice sent by email and pay by debit or credit card.  You can also opt to pay by direct bank transfer if you prefer

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