Meet Mary

If you have a any questions or concerns or would like to find out how homeopathy can work for you or a member of your family, you can book to have a chat with me, Mary Greensmith, straight into my diary.

You will need internet access and a mobile phone, ipad or computer for the call.

All you have to do is:

  • Select FREE 15 min chat from the consultation types below
  • Find you time zone … where ever you are in the world
  • Find a time that suits you, select it and fill in your details and extra notes if you like
  • You will be sent a confirmation of our consultation
  • 10 minutes before the time of your consultation I will send you a link to join my clinic via Zoom video.
  • You will be able to download this onto your mobile phone, your ipad or your computer
  • join the conversation a few minutes before our consultation time.

Do something today to change your tomorrow

A FREE Introductory Course

Using Homeopathy at Home

Subscribe now to this FREE Course and see how homeopathy works with first aid prescribing.

Fantastic .... check your email for the course details or go through to this address:

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