Striving for Healthy Children …. What do we need to know?
I spend a lot of time helping families do whatever they can to improve the health of their children.  Often it is not until things go wrong in the system that people become aware that there is an alternative to mainstream medicine and the modern day institutionalised outlook on bringing up your family. 

But then suddenly something happens that makes you realise that the system is not perfect for you or your family.  The help that is available does not fit with your beliefs or your families needs.  In fact you suddenly realise that it is restrictive and given with conditions attached.  This opens up a huge can of worms. Suddenly we need help and the help we thought was there to protect us isn’t what we thought it was.  We begin doing our own research to see if there is a different way.  Does this sound familiar?

This week we are looking at different tools and knowledge that can help learn about natural holistic health for your young family.  When I halp families with homeopathy, I am often asked about other things they can be incorporating into their lives, this is especially true for those with children suffering with ADHD and Autism or other behavioural issues caused by a multitude of toxins in our environment. I often have to begin searching myself for diet plans, for children’s yoga plans, for birthing techniques, for attention / concentration methods, for natural skin care products, for healthy food advice and more.

So this week we have a whole pile of additional resources available to you in an Ultimate Healthy Bundle so that you have so many more resources available at your finger tips.

So today I am looking at Health Care for Children.  What I am hoping to find is a whole pile of resources that will be useful for my clients, my friends, my extended family and to you too.  I want to begin with the children’s menu’s, packed lunches are always difficult never mind if your children have allergies or intolerance’s.   


In this bundle there are in fact 26 ebooks or courses including all kind of specialist diet recipes, whole-foods, cooking for parties, children’s menu’s, packed lunches etc etc.

I am going to start with Brenda Janschek’s book Easy Wholefood Lunch boxes, I know I will learn alot about healthy alternative ingredients so that I can help mums and dads understand more about processed flours and sugars and the choice we have even if the supermarket doesn’t encourage us to learn about the healthy choices.

This book has 40 delicious nut free sweet and savoury recipes you can make at home and your children will love them.  Brenda Janschek begins by explaining the ingredients and she uses and the reasons why. She explains about the use of spelt flour which has a gluten which is more easily tolerated by the body than wheat flour, but she explains other flours too as well as milks, pastries, eggs, dairy and the best meats you can buy.  Here is a section about the differences of alternative sweeteners, I love all of this additional information, so much more than just a list of recipes!

Rapadura sugar
The sugar cane is pressed without heat to release the juice, then dried naturally at low temperatures to maintain its nutritional properties with no other processing involved. This is unlike white, brown or raw sugar, which can be highly processed, refined and bleached. Rapadura sugar contains valuable vitamins and minerals, including zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B, C and A.

Coconut sugar
Coconut sugar is harvested from the nectar from the blossom of the coconut palm. It is a very natural process that extracts the juice, and then allows the water to evaporate. Coconut sugar is rich in minerals, contains a lower percentage of fructose than most other sugars, and also has a lower GI. Coconut sugar has an earthy, caramel flavor and is not as sweet as rapadura sugar.

Maple syrup
Most maple syrup comes from Canada and is made by drilling a hole in a maple tree, and then boiling the fluid until most of the water evaporates, leaving the syrup which is then filtered to remove impurities. Maple syrup is rich in trace minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc, and vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin and B6, and has a lower GI than refined sugar. EASY

Raw honey
Raw honey has not been pasteurised. It is unfiltered, unprocessed, unrefined and unheated, maintaining many of its nourishing and healing properties. In its raw state it is full of nutritional goodness, with a highly concentrated dose of B-group vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Has a sweeter taste than sugar or brown rice syrup.

Brown rice syrup
This sweetener is fructose-free, so it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels, but rather supplies a steady supply of energy instead which helps to avoid the blood-sugar rollercoaster.

With 20 sweet and 20 savoury recipes, all homemade using delicious, healthy whole-foods, you are bound to pick up lots of ideas that will help make packed lunches easier and much more enjoyable.

Here is a taste of what to expect:
Asian Chicken Bites with Dipping Sauce
Ricotta Lunchtime Tartlets
Cheesy Scrambled Egg Scrolls
Stuffed Cucumber and Celery Boats
Chickpea Dip with Wholemeal Pita Chips and Vegetable Sticks
Oven Baked Rosti with Creamy Spread and Smoked Salmon
Tuna Rice Cups

and sweet

Orange Poppy Seed Slice
Choc-Banana Smoothie
Cinnamon French Toast Sticks
Chocolate Tahini Oat Bites
Date and Oat Bars
Raspberry Coconut Squares
Rustic Apple Slice
Pear and Maple Pikelets
Date and Orange Overnight Oats
Mango Yoghurt Smoothie

There is so much in this section I could go on for hours … but if this is of interest to you … click through and begin your journey to creating a healthy family.  There is so much more to absorb!

The bundle is available for 6 days at the beginning of September.  Because I have a course in the bundle, they have given me opportunity to go through it all in advance. Click through for more information.

There is also a whole section about gardening, veggies, chickens and collecting wild foods

In the bundle their are another 90 resources,  Just to many to mention in detail.  The other topics we haven’t go to yet include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Home and Garden
  • Brain Power
  • Food and Diet
  • Allergies
  • Healthy Children

And all of these resources are going to be just $37 … so now you know why I needed to tell you about it!  Just click through here for more information. 

Get your bundle now!
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